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  • Patch Notes: April 13th

    Updates, 3 weeks ago
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with Rogue Invisibility (Patched Saturday the 10th)
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with certain Juno NPCs not appearing properly in Juno
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with screenshots not properly saving to the folder
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with Elemental Bosses roaming a bit too far and glitching themselves
    ⦁ Despair Charm has been reduced to 10% bonus damage instead of 50%
    ⦁ Cleric's Skill Mark of Despair has had a cooldown added to it and decreased to 50% bonus damage from 250%
    ⦁ Trading Agent Roy has been reintroduced to Juno to help players buy/sell items.

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