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  • Patch Notes: April 13th

    Updates, 50 minutes ago
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with Rogue Invisibility (Patched Saturday the 10th)
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with certain Juno NPCs not appearing properly in Juno
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with screenshots not properly saving to the folder
    ⦁ Fixed an issue with Elemental Bosses roaming a bit too far and glitching themselves
    ⦁ Despair Charm has been reduced to 10% bonus damage instead of 50%
    ⦁ Cleric's Skill Mark of Despair has had a cooldown added to it and decreased to 50% bonus damage from 250%
    ⦁ Trading Agent Roy has been reintroduced to Juno to help players buy/sell items.

  • Patch Notes: April 7th

    Updates, 1 week ago
    ⦁ Faction Point gain has been normalized between the factions, both now give the same points regardless of who is in the lead
    ⦁ Easter Event Bosses have been added to the Juno Map - They are marked on your in-game map - 1 hour respawn timers
    ⦁ Cleric's skill Barrier has been adjusted to have a 1 sec cooldown with a 10 second duration
    ⦁ Increased stack size of Master Stones
    ⦁ Added Master Stones to the Master Stone Miner NPC to exchange for Master Stone Fragments
    ⦁ Server Buffs have had Scream of Highlander added
    ⦁ Resolved an issue where your character's skills would bug if you lost target for various reasons - such as blind, death motion, invisibility
    ⦁ Boss Death and Respawn Notices have been given new colors
    ⦁ Elemental Bosses have been changed to direct spawns with only 1 available instead of 2 - You no longer can spawn them via their old methods
    ⦁ Fixed various issues with Juno's terrain

  • Patch Notes: March 31st

    Updates, 2 weeks ago
    ⦁ Easter Event has started - Find Easter Eggs scattered across Juno to receive rewards and event items!
    ⦁ Normal Attacks have had their damage reduced 3/4 on Monsters and 1/2 on Players - This change is intended to add back a degree of difficulty and time for killing boss monsters
    ⦁ Memorization Scrolls have had their slots to increased to 10 slots and 20 Slots with Expansion Scroll
    ⦁ Chosen by the Gods server event now rewards tokens instead of moonstones
    ⦁ All classes have had their pickup animations sped up to match NS
    ⦁ NightShadow has had missing animations for custom c2 mounts added
    ⦁ A "Eternia Big Faction Point Scroll" has been added to the cash shop for 2500 cash
    ⦁ Elementalist's summons have had their movespeed and other adjustments to help them keep up better in the field
    ⦁ Elementalist's summons skillbars have been rekeyed to Shift+Q through Shift+T for spirit 1 and Shift+Z through Shift+B for spirit 2
    ⦁ Elementalist PVP Damage has been decreased 5%
    ⦁ Wizard PVP damage has been decreased by 5%
    ⦁ Wizard's Soul has had its 15% damage buff removed
    ⦁ Warmaster's Uppercut PVP damage has been decreased 10%
    ⦁ Royal Knight has had its magic reduce passive decreased by 5%
    ⦁ Blockade of Meque has had a 1s cooldown added
    ⦁ x2 Affinity and x2 Pet Events have ended

  • Patch Notes: March 24th

    Updates, 2 weeks ago
    ⦁ DCS Area has been adjusted slightly to make the new crystal area fit in more - remember you still need to kill the barriers at the stairs to start the crystal
    ⦁ Castle Siege Tokens will now expire 1 minute after dropping - We will explore a better solution in the future, however for now it is best for sieges that the ground isn't so cluttered
    ⦁ PVP damage has been decreased overall by about 5% across all classes
    ⦁ Boss Log system has been updated to correctly log the channel and precise times for above 1 hour
    ⦁ Jaguar Collars and Raid Reset Tickets from compensation packs have been unbound to work correctly - Any future ones opened will need to be fixed again, we will re-run this fix weekly until we are confident no more packages are being redeemed
    ⦁ Archer's Deadline PVP damage increased 5%
    ⦁ Assassin's Deadline PVP damage increased 10%
    ⦁ Elementalist's Summon of Ancient Weapon PVP damage increased 15%

  • Patch Notes: March 18th

    Updates, 2 weeks ago
    ⦁ Citadel Raid has received its HARD MODE - This is meant to be a challenge! Here you can earn new armor and weapons through the raid drop system
    Details About the Raid:
    1. The spawns of both normal and hard mode have been re-positioned a bit.
    2. Objectives to unlock the rooms has been changed a little. You must kill the 4 Frozen Drakes to unlock the Banshee's room.
    3. Drops - Commander: Gloves, Ancient Banshee: Boots, Lady Venimmarre: Shirt/Pants, Death Incarnation: Helm/Wings, Lord Blackmore: Weapons
    4. Special Item Boxes will expire after 2 minutes if not picked up.
    5. Precedence party and other methods to retrieve more than one Special Item Box have been removed/adjusted in Expeditions.
    6. You can only collect one box every 2 minutes, if you somehow beat two bosses within two minutes (unlikely).
    ⦁ DCS has been adjusted in several ways:
    1. The Crystal now spawns in front of the pyramid (You will still need to kill the gates by the stairs of the pyramid)
    2. New Towers opening the other gates have been added
    3. Attackers default spawn has been moved closer to the DCS play area
    4. DCS damage has been reduced to more accurately reflect damage found in other PVP areas.
    ⦁ Badge of the Citadel accessory is now socket-able
    ⦁ C2 Black Wings of Honor now equip to the wings slot properly
    ⦁ Juno has been updated and replaced with EP2 Juno
    ⦁ Juno spawn pad has increased HP regen to help you heal up between battles
    ⦁ Telerium Safe Area has been adjusted to prevent spawn killing
    ⦁ Invulnerability Buff gained from respawned has had its duration reduced to 6 seconds.
    ⦁ Added a Boss Log system to view when players last killed a boss

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