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  • Patch Notes: Halloween Update

    Updates, 4 days ago
    ✱ Trading Agent has been updated to allow only 15 items
    ⦁ Be sure to check your mysterious statue for any returned items due to this!
    ⦁ If you experience any issues, please report them to me ASAP.
    ✱ Misty Canyon map has been fixed
    ✱ Halloween Event has started! Hunt Pumpkins to earn special mounts, costumes and rewards!
    ✱ Additional Keys 3 + 4 for extra bags have been added to the Cash Shop

  • Video Event - Celebrating Arcadia

    Events, 4 weeks ago
    Hey guys!

    To celebrate our new map and content, we are holding a video event to help get some advertising out there for our content. We will be holding this event until 23:59 GMT+0 September 30th.

    Rules are simple:

    1.) Upload your video to youtube and post it in our discord channel for the event - be sure the video is public and links back to our server via description.
    2.) Do your best! We want the best representation of our server and what it means to you!


    Our Chosen Winner: 100,000 Cash
    All other entries will be given 10,000 cash for participating.

  • Patch Notes: Arcadia Update

    Updates, 4 weeks ago
    Patch Notes: Arcadia Update

    ✱ Level Cap has been updated to level 215
    ✱ New Armor/Weapons are available to craft in Arcadia
    ⦁ Crafting Materials are earned via the Affinities and Regular Monster and Boss Monster Drops. Catalyzers are purchased via the merchants in Arcadia.
    ⦁ There are 3 tiers of armor sets to craft - To craft [Gold] you must have first crafted [Silver] and [Bronze], etc.
    ✱ New Custom Map has been added - Welcome to Arcadia!
    ✱ New Castle Siege has been added - Arcadia Castle Siege
    ⦁ The first castle siege will begin on Friday at 20:00 Server time - This will be the default start time, it can be set on Saturday or Sunday at custom hours as well.
    ✱ New Affinities - Darkness of Arcadia and Light of Arcadia
    ⦁ You can only choose one of these affinities, the item to join them is acquired via the Arcadia story quests.
    ⦁ The rewards earned via each of these affinities share the same stats/amounts, the differences between the two is cosmetic only.
    ✱ Several Monsters/Bosses have had their levels updated to account for the new level cap such as Infested Juno mobs
    ✱ Mail System crashes have been fixed - Mail is limited to viewing 20 at a time, please be sure to delete your mail after reading it
    ✱ Rewards have been added for the Proving Grounds and Invasion daily event exchanges - More limited cosmetic rewards will arrive soon!
    ✱ Invasion event has been reworked - Invaders of Darkness will spawn +/- 150 coords from 750,750 Juno every day at 17:30
    ⦁ Its important to note that you must defeat all 30 monsters for the next spawn to take place.

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