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[SERVER] Fun Server closure and merger
[3 years ago]

Hello Loyal Eternians!

Today we are sad to announce the eventual discontinue of the Fun Server. The reasons should be apparent to any player of fun server. The player count has dwindled for the past 6 months and the development team has come to the decision that the server is taking more time from us than it is worth.

To put it simply, the server takes extra time to update and test and balance from our development team that we can spend focusing on our Classic server. We have enjoyed the experience of working on the Fun Server and GREATLY appreciate the loyal followers of the server. Without you guys the server would never of lasted this long. 

Truly I want to personally thank each and every person who ever donated, played or gave feedback on fun server across its many years. You guys are awesome and I hope you guys take the opportunity we are offering you. We would love to have you merge into our Classic playerbase and be there as well. 

What we offer current players of Fun Server is the opportunity of merging their characters to the Classic Server.
We are offering for a limited time the chance for players submit the information of each character they wish to see transferred to Classic Server. This will be offered free of charge and come with a free character rename.

For more information about transfering please read HERE

We are truly sorry that Fun server has come to this and hope you all understand the situation. We hope you guys enjoy your transfer to Classic server and join the full Eternia Games Last Chaos family into one server.


Eternia Last Chaos Staff Team

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