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[SERVER]Donation Panel: You can use your PSC in the Tornado Card web now!
[4 weeks ago]

Hi, guys!
In order to keep our systems a little more organized, we have removed PSC from our donation panel.
How it used to work:
-You got your PSC, went into our donation panel, and adquire your coins.
How it works now:
-You get your PSC, you log into tornado card web, and then get a tornado card for a similar value.

Previously, Tornado Card would transform any 10euros PSC into a 10 dollars tornado card, giving less coins at the end to the player. But we have updated the system now, and it will now indentify the correct amount you are entering into Tornado Card.

So, you get your 10euros PSC, you use it in TornadoCard.com for a 10 dollars card, but once you enter that card into our Donation Panel, you should get the full amount of coins (for the 10 euros).

Hope this is clear enough . If you encounter any issues or you are not satisfied with the result of your donation, please contact me through a PM!

Cheers and happy hunting!

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