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Sat 20:00:00
[SERVER] Donation Panel: PSC and Mint
[1 month ago]

Hi, guys!
The system to change your PSC has been modified again. Since TC won't accept PSC anymore for internal reasons, there's a new method to exhange your PSC.
How it used to work:
-You got your PSC, went into TornadoCard and bought a TC with your PSC.
How it works now:
-You get your PSC, you log into MINT, and get a MINT Card with your PSC.

We belive that getting a MINT card directly would be better than doing all of this, but if you already goy a PSC, and you wanted to make a donation, please do so through MINT instead of TC.

We know this is troublesome, we apologize, but it is necesary!


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