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[UPDATE] Alber Update
[2 months ago]

Eternia Games is proud to present: Alber Update!

Hi, everyone!

We present to you our coming update! Eterniagames wants to grow a little more! So, it is time to expand our game content some more, into new lands!

Along with the posibility to travel to this new continent, all adventurers will be able to reach a new level of power. The journey will be hard and tirening, but the reward will be great for those who endure.

A battle is in game! There's two factions in war and you must chose which one you wish to join! For those of noble cause, who persue justice and honor, there's the knights of the Kailux Empire. And for those who care only for power and dominance, the mighty Dilamun Order will give you a worthy welcome.

Of course, joining them will not be so simple! You'll be put to the test, required to face the most fierceful enemies. And for those who finally are able to champion each side cause, the task will be a little simplier: to slay the other side, up to the last of their members.

So, coming soon! Alber Update will be here, with lots of new content for you to try!
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