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June Update
[2 months ago]


Hello Eternians!

Today we bring you a brand new update including lots of changes and content. We have been working hard on this update for the past month to bring it to you as fast as we can. This update is the biggest update we have developed since the Alber Update. Below we will list out detailed patch notes explaining everything we have done, its quite a lot to list!

We hope you enjoy the update we have worked hard to provide for you, keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the amazing patches to come.

New Content:

New Dungeon - Cursed Tower: We introduce today a new dungeon! Remember the old times and try to get to the top floor! New monsters, quests, and items are waiting for you! **Guide is still in progress** New Dungeon: Cursed Tower
End of Spring Event: Only a few weeks until Spring ends, and to properly say goodbye to it, we introduce a new event with fantastic rewards! End of Spring Event.
New Mounts, Wings, and Shirts! Link coming soon.
Double Alber Affinity Event: To celebrate the implementation of the new dungeon, and to encourage people to finish alber affinities and join the ranking, during this month we will have double affinity in all Alber Affinities! This means monsters and items will give double points to Kailux, Dilamun, and Alber Ranking during this month!
Infested Juno Gold Increase: We have multiplied the amount of gold given by Infested Juno monsters x15! With this now we have a new spot for easy gold farming.
Rewards for Alber Ranking upgraded and expanded: Better prizes for the 1st place winner, and now we will have also 2nd and 3rd place rewards! Alber Ranking Guide.
Spawn Event Monsters Drop Rework: Evil Gms, Event Chests, and Hands have now better drops and rates, including exclusive items. Spawn Event Monsters Drop.
Event Prize Boxes Reworked: We have updated the contents of the boxes you can get on GS and GM events. We added some exciting new items! Event Prize Boxes.
Eternia Event Vendor Rework: More changes! Buffs are now fixed and we added some more, and boxes have better items! Eternia Event Vendor.
Token Exchange System Rewards Reworked: This system has changes and now includes the latest MSs and cash shop items. Link coming soon.
Level 172-185 Sets Reworked: New seals and bonus seals for this sets, and two new boxes containing sets added to drops. Custom Set Seals Guide
Loyal Donator Titles: We introduce new titles that will come inside the Loyalty Donator Reward packs. You can see more information about this system here: Loyal Donator Rewards.

Cash Shop Changes

Price Changes
Item Old Price New Price
[P2] Liopard Leash 1.999 1.500
[P2] Zappy Leash 1.999 1.500
[P2] Linkogator Leash 1.999 1.500
[P2] Panda Plush Leash 1.999 1.500
[P2] Leo's Leash 1.499 1.000
E-Bot Remote Control 2.499 2.000
Chang Thai's Leash 1.499 1.000
Fungy Spores 1.499 1.000
Ratman Googles 1.499 1.000
Ratman Bouquet 1.499 1.000
Ratman Frypan 1.499 1.000
She Goat's Head 1.499 1.000
Maxie's Leash 1.499 1.000
Sealed Succubus Box 1.499 1.000

New Items
Red Griffin 2500
Blue Griffin 2500
Purple Griffin 2500
Golden Griffin 2500
Pink Butterfly Wings Box 299
Blue Butterfly Wings Box 299
Light Pink Butterfly Wings Box 299
Dark Blue Butterfly Wings Box 299
Golden Diamond Wings Box 299
Red Diamond Wings Box 299
Green Diamond Wings Box 299
Purple Diamond Wings Box 299
Illiad Charm I 150
Illiad Charm II 250
Illiad Charm III 350
Platinum Upgrade Box 150
Platinum Tower Box 150
Platinum Survival Box 300
Platinum HP Regeneration Potion x10 100
Platinum MP Regeneration Potion x10 100
Platinum Strenght Potion 100
Platinum Dexterity Potion 100
Platinum Intelligence Potion 100
Platinum Constitution Potion 100

Bug Fixes

- Affinity accesories have been reverted to base seals and can't be reformed anymore. For more information about this, visit this thread: Warning: Reforming Affinity Accessories & Old Sets
- White and Red Chocolate have been fixed and now their stats match the description.
- NightShadow Bunny Ears have been fixed.
- Fixed the bug with Khione Wings that made NightShadows unable to fly when using them.
- Fixed the bug with 215 Wings that made NightShadows unable to fly when using them.
- Duration of Zorro Sets has been fixed.
- Elemental Bosses respawn time has been fixed.
- Fixed the bug that appeared when upgrading a piece of equipment from +10 to +11. The window to place the RoPs didn't appear, now it does.
- Alber Minimap has been fixed.
- Fixed the Vladimir Scrolll for Ex-Rogues.
- Fixed a bug with Healer Wedding Costume Fortune that made the shoes appear like titan boots.
- Buff Potions now work properly.

Skill Changes & Class Balance

- Uppercut is again a critical skill, and we have increased its damage.
Royal Knight: 
- 20% Hit Rate added to Concentration 2. We already added HR here in the past, and now we increased it until 20% Hit Rate.
- 20% Evasion added to Concentration 2
- Passive Survival Training has been upgraded from Defense: 240, HP: 450, to Defense 2.500, HP: 5000.
- Barrier effect reduced from 50% to 30%.
Witch and Wizard:
- Spell Focus is now a self buff (this skill was reworked in the past and gives 25% Magic Hit Rate).
- Scud, Spell Focus, and Chakra Shield have been edited and they no longer have a restriction between uses. Now you can spam them without getting the message saying a skill is in use.
- Focus increased to 2.500 Hit Rate.
- Wind Elemental's Blessing won't add any cast speed anymore. Specialist will be only able to acquire that extra cast with server buffs like the rest of classes. A new GM buff with cast based in the old Wind Elemental's Blessing, and with bigger duration (1 hour) will be given from now on in Server Buffs.
- We have deleted the extra boost of evasion we added to Earthsea Enforcement and Enforce Firewind in a past rework.
- Focus increased to 2.000 Hit Rate + Attack Speed.
ArchWitch and ArchWizard:
- Casting Guard is now a self buff (this skill was reworked in the past and gives 25% Magic Hit Rate).
- Scud, Casting Guard, and Chakra Shield have been edited and they no longer have a restriction between uses. Now you can spam them without getting the message saying a skill is in use.

If you find anything that is not working properly, discover any bug, or have any issue with this update, please report to us creating a thread on the Technical Support & Bug Reports section or using our Official Bug Report Form.

We hope you enjoy this update!


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