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Eternia Reborn: A New Era Has Started
[10 hours ago]
Hello Eternians!
This is my opening statement to the community and to past and present EGLC players.
To begin, I am DragonBorn the new Administrator of Eternia Games Last Chaos. Many of you may know me from the past as I have been here forever. I have been with Eternia since the beginnings as its first Game Master and I am here today as its newest Administrator and Developer. Hopefully even in these short few weeks since I have taken my position you have noticed some changes made here by myself and the staff here that has generally improved the atmosphere. If not, I hope you will notice it sometime!
What I come here today is to give you all a bit of insight into the plans and future of Eternia Games Last Chaos from the Dev Team. EGLC is the longest running and most professionally maintained Last Chaos private server around. Yes we know there's lots of competition out there nowadays. However we have always stayed true to our commitment of being player based and player feedback reliant when it comes to updates and content. I truly believe that although we aren't the biggest server out there we still remain the undisputed kings when it comes to our content available. No one else can or will offer you as much unique content as we can. 
Our plans are to bring forth a huge shift in the mindset of everyone about Eternia. We will remind everyone that we are the best, we have been the best and we will become even better. We have done amazingly well in the past despite having many obstacles. Eternia has surpassed these obstacles time and time again and we are pushing for the big times this time. The development team right now is honestly the best we have ever been in all times in my opinion, as conceited as that may sound :>
To begin, we will be having a new content patch coming soon (roughly next week, please don't kill me if i'm wrong) that will introduce a few new cool things for you to get along side a new dungeon and a new version of our server events that everyone has loved so far (In the same style of Halloween, Xmas, Valentines, Easter). We are also reworking many event systems we have in place, adding new custom items, adjusting cash shop prices, and some pvp balance and bug fixes. The Dev Team has been working hard on this patch to give you guys some more content to do.
This is not the most exciting or biggest part of the post. This is just what we are beginning things with.
What the Dev Team plans is a bit bigger of an undertaking. 
After the next update we begin working on updating to the newest files of Last Chaos. This means many new systems and features you see today on Official LC and other PServers. However this again is not alone what we have to be excited about. Along with my role of Administrator of the server I am now also the Lead Developer of it. This means that the past Developer Joker has passed on the role to me and I am now in charge directly of everything involving LC. Also developing with me is GM Arashu who is the other member of the Dev Team besides myself. That means that with the two of us you will see many unique additions to EGLC that you will never find anywhere else such as things like New Raids and Custom Maps. Obviously I can't tease all our plans so early in the process, but please believe me when I tell you what we plan will forever cement our role as the most unique and custom Last Chaos server. 
I would like to appeal to all players, past and current to read this message and read it well. I want people to know that we are no longer the Eternia of old, we are a new Eternia and one that intends to make more amazing content. We invite everyone to please keep placing your faith in us and let us show you how a real Last Chaos server should look. 
If you are a past Eternia LC player who has left the server due to disagreements with how it has been managed, run or how you have been treated I would like to personally apologize for any misgivings you have had involving our server in the past. If you even have had personal issues with myself I would be happy to invite you back as well. We are true to our word when we say this is a New Era of EG Last Chaos. We would love if everyone would come and be a part of it.
If you haven't made it through everything and decided to skip to the end then you are probably reading this last part for a TLDR. Well the main point is changes are coming, big ones. Ones that completely will change how Eternia matches up to competition even more. We want you to be involved along the way.
If you left us in the past, we hope you will come try it once more. If you are still playing with us, we hope you will like the changes that will come. Thank you to everyone for reading and thank you to every person who has ever played Eternia Last Chaos and supported us in the past or is currently doing so.
P.S.: Below you have a video we recorded as a little spoiler to show a few of the new custom items that we will implement in our next update in June. This is just a small part of all the new content we have prepared, all the details will be posted  when the June Update goes live! Don't miss it!!
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