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December Update 2016
[1 month ago]

Hello Eternians! As always in this time of the year, we bring to you a special update Christmas themed!
Read below to know all the details this update includes.

New Content

- Snowed Juno decorated for Christmas: Christmas has arrived to Eternia, celebrate with us on this decorated Juno map.
- Login and loading screens are now Christmas themed: make sure you have the music turned on in your game options, and enjoy :^).
- Christmas Event: Christmas Event is here! Kill snowmans and get special gifts. We also have event bosses this time. Christmas Event 2016
- Christmas Calendar: Special events everyday during this whole week! Christmas Calendar 2016
- Artifact Hunter Event: We activated this event again for a limited time, please enjoy it!. Artifact Hunter
- Double Event Week: Starting today and until day 25, we will have double event activated in our server. Double Event
- Christmas costumes are back: Santa Costume, Snowman Costume, Christmas Weapons, Santa Hat. You can find them on Cash Shop and through the Christmas Event Quests. You might be able to get some on our Christmas Calendar Events too!
- New Cute Snowman Pet: You can drop this little friend on the Snowman bosses.
- Cursed Ranking Updated: The Cursed Ranking will be now monthly, and will reset at the start of every month. Next restart will be on early January 2017. Cursed Ranking
- Cursed Ranking Rewards Updated: Since now you can farm points during a longer time, we have increased the rewards! We have doubled the quantity of some items, but the most special part about this, is that now you can get level 15 jewels as a reward! Cursed Ranking Winners
- New Items: New Platinum Potions, which are stronger versions of some of our classic potions. You can find them on Cash Shop, and you might be able to also get some in our Christmas Calendar Events.
- Seals added to country costumes: Because they didn't have any, we added HP: 100 & MP: 100.

Cash Shop

- Platinum Shield - 100
- Platinum Magic Shield - 100
- Platinum Agility Potion- 100
- Platinum Concentration Potion - 100
- Platinum Berserker Potion - 100
- Platinum Power Potion - 100
- Platinum Crit Potion - 100
- Platinum Scroll of Magic Attack - 100
- Santa Hat Box - 49
- Christmas Weapon Box - 199
- Titan's Santa Suit - 499
- Knight's Santa Suit - 499
- Healer's Santa Suit - 499
- Mage's Santa Suit - 499
- Rogue's Santa Suit - 499
- Sorcerer's Santa Suit - 499
- NightShadow's Santa Suit - 499
- Titan Snowman Costume - 499
- Knight Snowman Costume - 499
- Healer Snowman Costume - 499
- Mage Snowman Costume - 499
- Rogue Snowman Costume - 499
- Sorcerer Snowman Costume - 499
- NightShadow Snowman Costume - 499

We hope you enjoy this update! Merry Christmas!

To report anything not working properly, or any other bugs, please use the Technical Support & Bug Reports section.


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