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February Update 2017
[1 month ago]

Hello Eternians! 
Today we bring you a new update, with new content, some fixes, and new events for Valentine's!

  • Valentine's Event: Kill Heartbroken Brides to get awesome items, tokens and boxes. There's also bosses this time. Valentine's Event.
  • The Best Couple Screenshots Event: Take your partner somewhere nice, and don't forget to bring your camera! The Best Couple.
  • Twitter Love Event: Show our twitter some love and you will be greatly rewarded. Twitter Love.
  • Confess your Feelings Event: You always wanted to confess to someone? Now is the perfect occassion! Confess your Feelings!
  • New Dragon Mounts: These exclusive custom mounts are amazing, and the fastest in the game. New Dragon Mounts.
  • GameSages removed from guild radar: From now on GSs won't appear on the guild radar, to avoid people cheating on events.
  • GameSage Announcement Speaker duration has been increased: It now lasts 6 months.
  • Unicorn quests have been fixed: Now they give the correct unicorn.
  • Snowman pet has been fixed: Its size has been adjusted, and the animations have been fixed.
  • Artifact Event has ended: We hope you enjoyed the extended time!

If you find any bug please report it creating a thread on the Technical Support and Bug Reports Section.

We hope you enjoy this update, Happy Valentine's!
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