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October Update 2017
[2 months ago]

Hello Eternians! 

Today we're applying a small update to change the seasonal event and add some small changes. 

We are still working on bigger things, but we wanted to release this patch already so you guys can enjoy Halloween properly <3

New Content and Fixes

  • Halloween Launcher, Login and Loading Screens: Everything is Halloween themed!
  • Halloween Event: Our Halloween Event is on! You will notice that our Juno Map has been decorated for the occassion, and pumpkins await for you outside the city. You can get lots of valuable items, costumes, masks, shirts, custom titles, pets, and much more! We also have event bosses with amazing drops. Halloween Event 2017.
  • Halloween Screenshots Event: Win cash sharing pictures of your character in a Halloween Costume! Halloween Screenshots 2017.
  • New Phoenix Shop: Due to request of our players, we have made the Phoenix Costumes and Weapons available to wear! You will be able to find them on this shop and buy them with gold. Costumes are C2 and weapons can be melded, and they both last 1 month. Please note that only Phoenix Characters can access this shop.
  • From now on, quest rewards will get sent to the Mysterious Statue if your inventory is full: It has been reported to us that some players were abusing the quest rewards system to get illegal profits on characters that were not doing the quest, so we have implemented this change. However, we wil remind you that abusing bugs or glitches in the game is always bannable. We will now check our logs to find who abused this.

Cash Shop

  • Titan Halloween Costume - 499
  • Knight Halloween Costume - 499
  • Healer Halloween Costume - 499
  • Mage Halloween Costume - 499
  • Rogue Halloween Costume - 499
  • Sorcerer Halloween Costume - 499
  • NightShadow Halloween Costume - 499


We hope you enjoy this update. Happy Halloween!

If you find any bug please create a thread on the Bug Reports Section
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