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Unicorn Promotion
[1 month ago]

Hello Eternians!

We are launching this promotion to give the opportunity to our players again to get one of our exclusive Unicorn mounts!
Some players suggested and requested for us to have some promotions from time to time to reward the people who donates for our server.

Of course we already have the Loyal Donator Rewards (LDR), which is a permanent promotion for donators.
But we are also presenting today this temporary Unicorn Promotion!

These unicorns are rare mounts, only available on limited occasions like special events or promotions. So if you want to own one, don't miss this opportunity!

For more info please read the FAQ below.

How does this promotion work?
It works linked with the Loyal Donator Rewards.
As you might know, that system rewards donators every month with packs full of valuable cash shop items, a title, and a special surprise.
And for this month, anyone who reaches any of the tiers from the LDR, will also get an unicorn!

So what do I get in total?
You will get the usual reward if you reach any of the tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) plus 1x Unicorn!

How much time do I have?
This promotion will end on August 31th. This means you still have 2 full weeks of time to be able to reach any of those tiers.

I already donated this month, does it count for the total?
Of course! This is simply an extra addition, but the Loyal Donator Rewards system works the same as always.
Any donations done from 00:00 on August 1st to 23:59 on August 31th will be counted for the total.

I have already donated and reached any of those tiers, when do I get my unicorn?
You will receive your unicorn along with the Loyal Donator Rewards delivery on the usual schedule.
This is around the end of the first week of September, depending on how busy Staff is at that time.

Can I reach different tiers with different accounts to get more than 1 unicorn?
Yes, you can! We will reward each account with the according reward counting the points that account donated, no matter who the owner is.
However, please remember that each account must reach those tiers on its own.
You cannot combine the donations from several accounts to try and reach a tier on one single account.

Since there's 4 different models, can I chose the color of my Unicorn?
Yes! But please to do so, you need to tell us before we deliver the rewards. You can see all the available colors here.
You can tell me the color you want sending me a PM. The deadline to choose a color is 23:59 on September 4th.
If someone reaches any of the tiers and they haven't sent me a PM by that time, I will assume they don't care about the color and I will send a random one.
Color can't be changed once it's sent, so if you want a specific color, please remember to PM me before that date!

Will this promotion happen again?
This promotion is planned for the month of August only, and it affects donations done only on this month.
We already have the normal Loyal Donator Rewards that give lots of free items to donators every month!
So this Unicorn Promotion is a temporary an exclusive promotion.
The decision of repeating it in the future will depend on the success the promotion has this time!

Remember to check the Loyal Donators Rewards thread if you need to know how the general system works.
If you have any doubts please send me a PM


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