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August Update 2015
[13 hours ago]
Hello Eternians!

We bring you another Update with new things today, including a new Event, new Mounts, lots of content changes like Drop Increases, and a extensive list of Bug Fixes and Class Balance!

As some of you may know, we have been working in a much bigger update at the same time during these past weeks, that will come to light a few weeks after this one. It will bring the long awaited update to new files, and additions of new content, making our server up to date. New client, lots of new systems, new interface, and many more things! We have already been working on that but as you can imagine the amount of work is huge! So it will take a bit more time to be completed. We ask for you patience, and in the mean time, please enjoy this August Update we bring you today \(^▽^)/

New Content & Content Changes

Meteor Shower Event: August is the best month to look at the sky and enjoy the best meteor shower of the year, and the lands of Iris aren't an exception on this! Meteor Shower Event 2015.
New Mounts - Red and Black Qilin: We implemented two new mounts: The Qilins! You can find them on Cash Shop for 2.500 points. We hope you like them! Red and Black Qilin.
Level 172-185 Wings, Shields and Bonus updated!: On our last update we reworked these sets, but these pieces had still old seals! We have updated them now. Custom Set Seals Guide.
New GS Escort Protection Item: This item will be used by our GSs during the Escort the GS Event. It will protect them and it will avoid "accidental" deaths by aoes. Escort the GM/GS.
Cursed Tower bosses respawn time reduced: Cursed Imperial Guard Even Wayne and Cursed Magusa Senator Jewith had their respawn time reduced to half. 
New Event Titles: These are some special titles that we have patched into the server. They will be an exclusive reward given to the winners of an Event, you will know everything about it very soon :>.
New NPC Emily: This NPC is located on Alber, on the first camp. It will directly teleport you in front of the Cursed Tower NPC, so you don't need to walk there or use a memorizing slot.
Double Alber Affinity Event has ended: Numbers for Alber and Cursed Tower afinities have come back to normal. The event was supposed to last 1 month, but due to players requesting and insisting to extend it, it ended up lasting 2,5 months! Whoa, the whole summer xD We hope you enjoyed this exclusive opportunity.

Drops have been increased!: Lots of high level monsters with the most wanted items got their drops boosted! These rate changes will solve also some existing issues with MS+20 and Shards drops.

Cursed Tower:
- Regular Monsters: Key drops x2.
- Cursed Imperial Guard Even Wayne and Cursed Magusa Senator Jewith: Master Stone +19 and Master Stone +20 dropx4. 7Lv Jewel Box drop x2.
- Cursed Brainwashed Balrog: Master Stone +19 and Master Stone +20 drop x5. 7Lv Jewel Box Level, Jewel Pocket Grade 13, and Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 13 drop x2.
- Imperial Guard Even Wayne, Magusa Senator Jewith, and Brainwashed Balrog: 6Lv Jewel Box and Master Stone +19 drop x2.
Elemental Bosses:
- All Elemental Bosses: Master Stone +19 and Master Stone +20 drop x3.
- Regular Monsters: Shards I drop x2.5.

Bug Fixes

Cursed Tower titles have been fixed: The seals that were not working have been replaced. Now they should give HP properly, and the seals that couldn't be fixed have been replaced for others.
Domain Quest Merchant Quests have been updated: They now start at level 200, this will hopefully avoid any abuses while still allowing players to get their free reformers.
Evil Arashu's spaws fixed: The monsters appearing under Evli Arashu when it's about to die are now Healers instead of NightShadows.
Cursed Brainwashed Balrog attack has been fixed: Now it will deal damage properly.
Drops for MS+20 and Telerium Shards has been fixed: See list with drop increases above.
Pets that were not tradable have been fixed: They are now tradable as they should be, the pets fixed were: Strange Bat, Thorny Demon Bat, Scar Demon Bat , Succubus of Flame , Succubus of Seduction, Succubus of Lightning, Suspicius Bat, Scar Nightmare, Incubus.
Ichi and Scrachi quests have been fixed: Now they appear on all levels.
Red Popenian Animations on Evo 1 fixed.
Staff Glows had their names fixed.

Skill Changes & Class Balance

On this Class Balance, the classes with bigger improvements are Highlanders and Rangers, who got their attack increased, and Specialists, who got all their blessings boosted. The rest of characters got smaller adjustements since they are more or less well balanced, but we still made some changes based on suggestions made by players. Classes that have not been included here, didn't get any changes, because we decided that they didn't need it at the moment. Others like Elementalist were not included because only adjustements are not enough, and we will do a full rework on the class in the future when other priorities are solved.

- Uppercut range of attack has been increased from 2.0 to 3.0.
- Damage Reflection effect reduced from 40% to 35%.
- Trick Swing damage has been increased.
- Armor of Highlander is fixed and the cooldown and duration work properly.
Royal Knight:
- Two hand pierce range of attack has been increased from 2.0 to 3.0.
- Passive Royal Resistance has been boosted: Increased physical defense from 1000 to 2000.
- Passive Temple Offense has been boosted: Increased physical attack from 500 to 2000.
- Passive Rise Focus 2 has been boosted: Ranged physical hit rate increased from 650 to 1000.
- Passive Mana Barrier has been boosted: Melee physical evasion increased from 25 to 250.
- Passive Mana Barrier has been boosted: Melee physical evasion increased from 25 to 250.
- Deceiving is now a critical skill and its damage has been increased.
- Stun shot damage has been increased.
All the blessings have been reworked and upgraded to high values.
- Water Elemental's Blessing: 20% Magic Evasion, 8000 MP, 50% Deadly.
- Earth Elemental's Blessing: 20% Physical Defense, 20% Magical Defense, 10000 HP.
- Fire Elemental's Blessing: 20% Magic Hit Rate, 20% Magic Attack, 50% Critical
- Wind Elemental's Blessing: 20% Physical Evasion, 20% Atk Speed, 20% Move Speed
- Passive Dark Moral has been boosted: Increased magical attack from 650 to 1000. Additional 250 magical hit rate has been added to this passive also.
- Passive Devil's Grace has been boosted: Increased physical defense from 980 to 2000. Increased magical defense from 167 to 500.
- Passive Mana Barrier has been boosted: Melee physical evasion increased from 25 to 250.
- Passive Mana Barrier has been boosted: Melee physical evasion increased from 25 to 250.

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