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GameSage Recruitment - July 2016
[2 weeks ago]

Hello Eternians! We have come to you today with a new GameSage Recruitment!
We are in dire need of dedicated individuals with proven knowledge to help our server.
If you want to join us and have a great time helping us improve the server, don't miss the opportunity and apply!

What are we looking for?
- People who want to help the server and have time to dedicate it to it.
- Mature attitude: people who can work on a team and be friendly to Staff and to other players.
- Experience and good knowledge of Last Chaos in general, and our server in particular.
- Decent english level (enough to communicate with the Staff and Community without using google translator).

What are the duties of a Gamesage?
- Be active in game and forums, giving support to players with their doubts and issues.
- Report any kind of problem that appears on the game like bugs or server errors to High Staff.
- Monitoring Sieges and reporting people breaking the rules.
- Do GameSage Events.

To send an application, Click Here.
The Recruitment will be open from July 16th to July 31th.


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