Hello again!

We have successfully finished our host migration. We apologize for the time the server was off, and we thank you for your patience.

- Our game is now hosted on a brand new server. This means you will notice an improvement on performance, less lags, and the game running better in general.
- Server time has been fixed, there will be no more weird delays, and it follows GMT+1 now. (Remember that the time on the clock in game doesn't show the real server time, and changes depending on your computer's date/hour!).
- Quest history has been restarted for all characters, this means you can do all quests again, and receive again any rewards on experience, sp, items, and even affinity!

If you encounter any problem after this migration, or you have anything to comment about it, you can PM me or PM the HGM.

Important: As a compensation for the 3 days that the server was offline, we have decided to activate double for the rest of the week! Double Event will be active from now, Wednesday, until Sunday!
That is almost 5 days of double event! Please enjoy it

- Eternia Games Last Chaos Team.