New Content and Content Changes.

- Halloween Event: This year we bring you our biggest Halloween Event ever! You will notice that our Juno Map has been decorated for the occassion, and new pumpkins await for you outside the city. This year you can get lots of valuable items, costumes, masks, shirts, custom titles, pets, and much more! We have also added event bosses with amazing drops. Halloween Event 2016.
- Halloween Screenshots Event: Win cash sharing pictures of your character in a Halloween Costume! Halloween Screenshots 2016.
- New Mounts: Pegasus: You can find these amazing new flying mounts in cash shop. New Mounts: Pegasus.
- Royal Rumble is back, customized: We have modified this daily pvp tournament to adapt it to our server, and we have added new awesome rewards. Royal Rumble.
- New Item: Complete buff box: Get all the buffs at once! You can get this box inside the royal rumble rewards.
- New Item: Royal Rumble Medal: You can collect this medals and exchange them for the most valuable prizes in the server.
- Added an extra Cursed Wayne and Cursed Magusa on Floor 9 of Cursed Tower: Now there will be 4 on each channel instead of 2 so it’s easier to get their drops.
- Drop Rates on Cursed Bosses also increased: Drop rate for low value items reduced, drop rate for valuable items like jewels increased.
- Two new event titles added: Mister and Miss Eternia 2016, that will be delivered on special forum events that we will host before the end of the year. Titles.
- Added 6th and 7th Birthday rewards: Our 6th anniversary is coming soon! Birthday System.
- Infested Juno reworked and reoriented for medium levels: Some players complained that leveling the medium levels was too hard, and requested some changes. Based on their suggestions we have made some changes:
---- Experience on normal monsters doubled.
---- Drops modified, added new item Infested Key. Drop List.
---- Reduced Alien Invader Scout evasion.
---- Reduced Alien Invader Commander magic attack.
---- Max level of regular monsters changed to 215 to avoid high levels abusing it.
- Added new Locked Jewel Boxes to Eternia Special Vendor: You can open this with Infested Key, that drops in Infested Juno with high rate. This is an alternative for low levels to get jewels easier.
- Eternia Special Vendor prices reduced: The other jewel boxes prices have been reduced a lot. Eternia Special Vendor.
- Increased drop rate of Telerium Key on Telerium Bosses: IMPORTANT: Aberration of Telerium does not count as a boss, but like an elite monster/subboss. This means their drop rate is way lower than the other bosses in the map. This is because there’s hundreds of Aberrations available per hour, and they die very fast, but only a few of the other bosses exist on the same time period. We have complaints every week about the drop rates because some people wants to drop the keys only in aberrations and refuses to kill the other bosses! And they expect the rate to be high. This is not possible! If you want high rate, please kill the other bosses. Today we have increased drop rates on those bosses even more. If problems persist we will have to remove the keys from Aberrations completely.
- Siege covers have been edited with new seals!: Merac gives HP, MP, and HR. Dratan gives HP, MP, and Eva.
- Warning message has been added to Temporary B6 Rings: Please make sure to remove your jewels before the time expires!
- Modified Artifacts and some Guild Skills: Now their descriptions say Gold instead of NAS.
- Yam Nahar hitbox has been reduced: To facilitate untargetting it.
- Some item icons have been redone: This affects Telerium Key, Event Shirts, and others.
- We have added seals to all the Event Shirts that didn’t have any: HP 200, MP: 200.
- A teleporter has been added inside Infested Juno: So you can come back to Juno faster.

Cash Shop

- White Pegasus Feather - 3000
- Black Pegasus Feather - 3000
- Titan Halloween Costume - 499
- Knight Halloween Costume - 499
- Healer Halloween Costume - 499
- Mage Halloween Costume - 499
- Rogue Halloween Costume - 499
- Sorcerer Halloween Costume - 499
- NightShadow Halloween Costume - 499

Bug Fixes

- Crystal Fungy skill Crystal Shout fixed.
- Bug with RoP II giving wrong level upgrades fixed.
- Option "Check Tax Income" at Guild Financial Controller fixed.
- Fixed a bug that showed wrong numbers on the gold fee while registering for Royal Rumble.
- New GS Announcement Tool has been fixed and works now properly on all channels.
- Mounted Dragon regeneration passive fixed.
- Fixed some locations where event monsters were too close and people were abusing it to bot.
- Fixed a bug on an area on infested Juno where you couldn’t get attacked by monsters.
- Fixed 215 Shield seals, it had weapon seals instead of its own.
- Unicorns Quests Fixed.

We hope you enjoy this update. Happy Halloween!

If you find any bug please create a thread on the Bug Report Section